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SGGZ-4/8 type 30-100ml oral liquid linkage line




Application and introduction: the production line of
is mainly composed of bottle feeding machine, ultrasonic bottle washing machine, tunnel type sterilization oven, liquid filling cap rolling cover machine and vertical labeling machine. It can automatically complete various kinds of glass bottles, irregular bottle supply bottles, ultrasonic flask, sterilization drying, filling and sealing, labeling and so on. The production line is reasonable in design, fully automated in production, saving manpower, simple in machine structure, reasonable in design and fully in line with the new version of GMP standard.
features: the speed of the
bottle feeding machine is adjustable, the speed of the bottle supply fully meets the demand of the production line; the
ultrasonic flask machine is completely automatically washed and flushed with two water by ultrasonic wave; the effect of the
tunnel sterilizing oven is good, the bottle body is fully sterilized and dried, the line is fully used and the production automation is realized;
automatic filling The capping machine adopts stainless steel injection pump, four knife centrifugal thread rolling, and the seal is beautiful and reliable. Optional dustproof cover (Ceng Liuzhao), with no bottle stop filling function, avoid the waste of liquid medicine, complete German imported oil bearing, fully meet the health standards;
automatic labeling machine production speed, high precision, the same machine can stick different labels;
whole production line so the machine is all SUS304 It is made of stainless steel and SUS316L stainless steel.

technical parameters:
applicable specification: 30-100ml
production speed: 30-50 bottles / points 70-100 bottles / points
filling accuracy: less than 1

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