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SGGZ-12 type 30-150ml high speed oral liquid filling production line




The production line is made up of vertical (ultrasonic) bottle washing machine, hot air circulation tunnel oven, connecting mesh belt, high-speed filling and rolling cap machine and other equipment. It is suitable for the production of circular or shoulder shaped glass bottles. It can complete the process of depackage, bottle feeding, ultrasonic cleaning, water vapor inside and outside shower, drying and sterilization, cooling, filling and rolling. This machine is a production line that can meet the requirements of "cGMP" production according to the actual situation of our pharmaceutical industry. It has the advantages of stable production, high yield, easy operation and maintenance, low running cost and so on, and is suitable for the production of glass bottle oral medicine. The PLC system is widely used in the production line. The front and rear devices have photoelectric induction to prevent squeezing and breaking bottles. It is a complete electromechanical integration product.

main technical parameters:

production capacity: 150~300 bottles / points
applicable specifications: 30-150ml
production pass rate: greater than 99

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