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SGFSX-1/2 type powder filling screw cap machine




Collagen automatic powder filling rotary (rolling) cover machine is based on the digestion and absorption of advanced German technology, developed by our factory. It is currently the world's leading level, a new type of collagen powder filling, spinning ( Rolling) cover the equipment. This machine adopts disk positioning filling, automatic cover, screw cap, stable and reliable, accuracy up to 99%, this machine adopts Japan imported high-precision closed cam indexing positioner, high precision, reliable operation, service life long. The indexer has a simple structure and does not require maintenance for long-term use.

The main technical parameters

1. Production capacity: 20-50 bottles/minute 40-100 bottles/minute

2. Loading capacity range: 1-10g

3. Accumulation accuracy: ≤±2% (depending on test specification material)

4. Plug rate: ≥98%

5. Source: 220V 50Hz

6. Total power: 1.2Kw

7. Dimensions: length × width × height = 2000 × 1300 × 1700

8. Weight: 500Kg

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