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SGFGY-1/2 type micro powder filling and sealing machine




The production line is composed of a disc vibrating flask and a powder dispensing and capping machine. It is mainly applicable to the filling of plastic bottles, glass bottles and various special-shaped bottles with micro powders. It can be widely used in Ganoderma lucidum powder, bear bile powder and pearl powder. Powder and other packaging glands, the aircraft design is reasonable, stable operation, the machine body made of SUS304 stainless steel, in full compliance with the national new GMP requirements!

Technical Parameters: 

Measuring range: 0.2-1.0g

Production speed: 20-40 bottles/minute 40-80 bottles/minute

Dispensing method: screw metering and packing

Filling accuracy: ≤±3% (depending on the material)

Power supply: AC220V/380V/50Hz

Total power: 2.0KW

Weight: 600kg

Dimensions: 3200*2200*1800mm

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