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SGFGX-X type watermelon frost powder for laryngeal powder dispensing and capping machine




This machine is mainly used for filling and screwing (rolling) lids of various powders, such as watermelon frost powder, throat split, ice boron powder, and collagen. Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and scientific research. This machine adopts advanced screw metering and can design single screw or twin screw filling according to customer's output requirements. The whole machine includes transmission parts, screw filling parts, and Ricoh cover parts. The whole machine has compact structure, reasonable design, stable operation, long service life, no tool disassembly and replacement, and easy maintenance. The machine can be used for stand-alone production, but it can also be combined with washing machines, dryers and other equipment to form a linkage production line. It is one of the ideal equipment for GMP reform and modernization of pharmaceutical companies. This machine can upgrade the electrical configuration according to customer requirements.

The main technical parameters

1. Production capacity: 20-40 bottles/minute 40-80 bottles/minute

2. Loading range: 1-5g (confirm when ordering)

3. Accuracy: ≤±3% (Requirements for GMP Filling Accuracy for 2010 Edition)

4. Rating rate: ≥99%

5. Source: 220V 50Hz

6. Total power: 2.0Kw

7. Dimensions: length × width × height = 2500 × 1700 × 1800

8. Weight: 850Kg

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