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SGKGZ-12 oral liquid filling and capping machine





This machine is a high-speed potting machine for filling and capping. It is suitable for liquid filling and capping of various 10ml-30ml glass bottles. The machine adopts a submerged filling mechanism. When filling, the filling head automatically extends into the bottle, and the liquid does not overflow. The machine adopts high-precision measuring mechanism, stainless steel single valve, convenient filling and metering adjustment; Filling parts, disassembly and disinfection are very convenient. According to different covers, the rolling force can be adjusted to ensure the appearance of the caps. The frequency conversion adjustment system can be easily adapted to various bottles and different viscosity liquids. Different needs of the equipment.

The main technical parameters

Production capacity: 100-250 bottles / min

Applicable specifications: 10-30m oral liquid

Filling accuracy: ±1%

Sealing rate: 99%

Power source: 380V 50Hz three-phase four-wire system

Power: 2.5kw

Dimensions: 2800*1050*1750

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