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SGKGZ-16 oral liquid filling and capping machine




1. Main use and scope of application

This machine is suitable for the automatic filling, capping and capping of oral liquid glass bottles in the pharmaceutical industry, and completes the filling and sealing process of oral liquid bottles.

2. Main specifications and technical parameters

2.1 Model: SG type Name: Oral liquid filling machine

2.2 Production: 250-360 bottles / minute

2.3 Adaptation specifications: 10, 20 ml oral liquid bottle

2.4 Capacity: about 2 kW AC 380v three-phase five-wire system,

2.7 Dimensions: 2480 × 1380 × 1600 (mm)

2.8 Total weight: 1860kg

2.9 Measurement error: ±2%

2.10 pass cover pass rate: greater than 99%

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