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SGGT/JT full automatic glue and paste filling production line




The automatic glue filling line is made up of bottles, filling, pressing, pressing, capping and labeling. The latest design of the bottle filling machine can automatically deliver the guide rail as long as the bottle is poured into the barrel in disorder. The next step is to be filled. The main line of glue filling line is filling, plugging, capping and rotating cap integration. It can complete filling, Ganese, inner lid, outer cover and capping function on one device. This equipment is suitable for the automatic filling of 2~150ml round, special-shaped plastic bottles or glass bottles, pressure plug, upper cover, gland, top cover and screw cap function. It has the advantages of accurate positioning, smooth transmission, accurate and simple measurement. The servo motor drives the injection pump to fill, the filling measurement is accurate, the filling is not dripping, it has no bottle filling, no cover function, the PLC programmable control, touch touch screen man-machine interface system, simple and convenient operation, the labeling machine has the standard, high precision, no material and no sticker, no standard automatic calibration, automatic detection function, The machine can be used on stand-alone or automatic connection with other devices. The production line fully meets the requirements of the new version of GMP.

main technical parameters:
applicable specification: 2-150ml
production capacity: 30-45 bottles / points 60-90 bottles / points
filling accuracy: less than + 1

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