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SGGSZ-4/8 type infusion bottle filling production line




The production line consists of bottle feeding machine, drum type bottle washing machine, sterilizing dryer, filling plug machine and disc positioning rotary (rolling) cover machine, which can complete the cleaning, drying or sterilization of ultrasonic, water and gas (with sterilization cabinet or tunnel oven), filling, plug and rolling cover, mainly for infusion and other small dosage dissolving. The production line of liquid can be combined with labelling machine to form an ideal production line. The production line is reasonable in design, simple in operation and easy to maintain, fully in line with the new version of GMP requirements.
1. exterior material is 304 stainless steel, conforming to GMP specification. It can be used for multi specification production, and 316L stainless steel is used in filling part.
2. runs steadily, the noise is small, and the filling is accurate.
3. has low bottle breaking rate, high qualified rate and low energy consumption.
4. the whole production line can be controlled by single machine and interlock.
technical parameters:
applicable specification 30-1000ml
production capacity 40-50 bottles / points 80-100 bottles / points
filling accuracy is less than or equal to 2

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