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Packaging machinery industry quotation unspoken rules
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At present, there are many domestic packaging machinery manufacturers, the competition is fierce, the price is chaotic, and the products are affected by the price. When users purchase online, it is difficult to distinguish which packaging machinery is good and which packaging machinery is not good. Because you can't see the real thing, users generally have to choose a cheap purchase. As everyone knows, one penny is worth the goods, and there is no good goods. Today, with high information transparency, the profiteering industry can only be a short-lived one. As a relatively mature industry, packaging machinery is less likely to have huge profits. Therefore, most packaging machinery manufacturers have to work hard on the cost in order to win the competitive advantage in price.

    Shop around is the general purchasing habit of Chinese people. Every time you want to buy some items, you will always compare the price online, have a bottom in your heart, and then go to the business. And after reading the real thing, regardless of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, I like to bargain. Whether it is a knife or a knife, bargaining is a must, this is the habit of the people. This has also led to the habit of selling merchants to attract consumers by various means. Including attracting consumers at low prices, and then telling each other that this low-priced product is out of stock, take the opportunity to recommend other models of the price of the product.

    The quotation of online packaging machinery is also too high in water content. Many quotations are not credible and untrue. If you use online quotation to refer to the purchase of packaging machinery, the probability of disappointment will be very high. Competition in all walks of life is very fierce now, and an important bargaining chip is price, so many companies are reluctant to expose their prices. In the present, product prices are already trade secrets.

    The cost of packaging machinery is mainly the production cost and transportation cost as well as the promotion cost. Production costs are undoubtedly the main factor of price, up to 90%. The production cost is composed of raw materials and labor. The cost of raw materials accounts for the highest proportion of costs, so raw materials have become the target of “starting”. When the price of packaging machinery is lowered, only the cheap raw materials can be selected to ensure normal profit margin.

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