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Development of the principle of essential oil filling machine
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With the rapid development of packaging machinery technology and the application of technical strength, as well as the great situation that machinery manufacturers are keeping an eye on the market, we are actively researching and developing machines with more complete functions to meet the needs of the current market! At the same time, it is also the time to seize the opportunity to lay the foundation and foundation for the development of the company!

      The increase in the price of edible oil has prompted the development of the principle of essential oil filling machines! The essential oil filling machine has formed a number of production lines, saving a lot of manpower and saving a lot of time. For details of the secondary products, please refer to the following information: The filling machine is a four-head automatic liquid quantitative oil filling machine, suitable for filling various oily viscous liquids, such as lubricating oil, edible oil, etc. . This model is equipped with a touch screen display, variable frequency speed control conveyor belt 8 meters, automatic induction type capping machine, vacuum anti-drip device. The filling machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, high filling precision, convenient adjustment and easy operation.

       Essential oil filling machine principle features:

1. Computer weighing filling machine; double speed filling.

2. The filling amount is set directly and the operation is convenient.

3. Frequency control, can meet the filling of various metering models, automatic peeling function makes customers more convenient.

4. Meter self-contained material level detecting device [can be matched with customer oil tank, automatic detection of oil level, control of oil replenishment system to achieve automation]

5. The accuracy of the weighing filling machine lies in the size of the drop difference [that is, the distance between the filling nozzle and the container, the amount of oil left after filling] directly affects the filling accuracy, and the latest development of the device Automatic tracking compensation system; automatic correction of filling accuracy.

6. Automatic filling of the barrel; no manual opening is required. [The device automatically detects the barrel weight after the barrel is put, delay filling]

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