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  More than ten years have passed since the establishment of the venture, which can be described as operating more than ten years, more than ten years of rain and rain, harvest more than ten years. From the stand-alone equipment industry to the production line of a full set of equipment, from standard models to non-standardized customized equipment, embodies the struggle of St. Irrigate employees sweating and wisdom to lay the road, we are grateful to the community for the strong support and selfless love of St. Irrigation, thanks to hard work Work in the various positions of colleagues in the war industry!

  The gentleman is the author of this book, and he is a straightforward student; he respects things and believes, and he directs his affairs. Everyone shines with pragmatism and sincerity in the life and work to treat people with brilliance, so that our partners are as confident as we are. The business philosophy of welcoming the rising sun, treating each other sincerely, taking credit as the foundation, winning with superiority, and being a San Guan is the motto that engraved on the inner heart of every San Guan irrigation employee, and it is also the motivation and belief that we provide high-quality equipment for our customers.。

  If you are not alone, you will have neighbors; Excellent thoughts originate from excellent cultures, and the cultivation of their own bodies and laymen is the essence of the company culture. Truth-seeking and pragmatic, treating people with sincerity, pursuing broad and profound, and development never ending. We will continue to pursue the future, pursue excellence and shareholding, and create a win-win situation of sincere cooperation and pioneering spirit.。

  To promote the development of the company with good character, more eager to continue to work together with friends from all walks of life.

  Thanksgiving! Thank you for your trust, support and help with Sheng Guan.

National service hotline 0512-53200126

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